Jawaharlal Nehru Chair Professor,

School of Life Sciences, University of Hyderabad

Prof. K. Muralidhar


Kambadur Muralidhar initiated a long range research programme on water buffalo endocrinology. His laboratory has developed procedures for indigenous production of buffalo hormones like LH, FSH, TSH, GH, and PRL; sensitive homologous immunoassays and heterologous bioassays for these hormones besides characterizing their physico-chemical and immunochemical features. The laboratory was among the first to report that LH and PRL ware sulphated and that this contributes to micro heterogeneity. His laboratory later discovered the presence of Tyrosine-O-sulphate in sheep and buffalo PRL.Using biophysical techniques his group has studied the protein unfolding and folding of buffalo GH. Naturally occurring size isoforms of buffalo Prolactin, Cathepsin derived peptides from buffalo prolactin and a synthetic peptide based on the internal sequence of buffalo prolactin were discovered to be powerful inhibitors of angiogenesis stimulated by VEGF or Bradykinin. His group has published over one hundred and fifty articles in peer reviewed journals and books as chapters. Professor Muralidhar is an outstanding teacher and has taught courses in Biochemistry, Gamete Biology, Immunology, Endocrinology and Cell Biology and Medicinal Chemistry at University of Hyderabad, South Asian University and at University of Delhi. So far he has mentored 27 PhD and 26 M.Phil. Research students. He has published about 150 articles in peer reviewed International and National journals and edited numerous books.

Professor Muralidhar was Chairman of the UGC Curriculum Development Committee for Zoology and brought out a bench mark report on MSc and BSc in Zoological sciences. For NCERT he brought out the new textbooks for higher secondary school biology in a completely new format backed by a sound philosophy. Amazon after proper survey and refereeing in 2017, ranked these books in the top 5 of 750 such books in the world. He assisted University of Delhi in restructuring Undergraduate Science Education and introduced a new Honors course in Integrated Biology which is first of its kind in the country. He was the convener of the NET examination and brought more balance in the examination giving representation to all important areas of Biology. He was the Chairman of the PAC-Animal Science of DST for three terms and nurtured research in this area. He has assisted all the funding agencies like CSIR, UGC, ICMR, DBT, DST, MOEF, and ICAR in various capacities. He has served on the Research Advisory Committees of CCMB, IGIB, MRC, NBRC, ARI and NII besides assisting in the selection and promotion of Faculty in a number of Educational and Research institutions of our country. He has adjudicated on more than 356 PhD theses from over 35 Universities and Research institutions.

Professor Muralidhar is an elected Fellow of all the Science Academies of our country i.e.NASI, Allahabad, INSA, New Delhi and IASc, Bangalore. He has delivered the Sadaksharaswami Endowment Lecture for SBC (I) (1996), US Srivastava Memorial Lecture for NASI (2007), V. Gopalakrishna Rao Endowment Lecture for Osmania University (2004),Y Subba Row Memorial Lecture for GGS Indraprastha University(2007), Prof MRN Prasad Memorial lecture for INSA, Hargobind. Khorana Memorial lecture for GGS IP University, and GP Sharma Memorial lecture for Punjab University, P Govindarajulu Endowment Lecture for Madras University, Platinum Jubilee Lecture for Indian Science Congress and many more.. He served as member of the Executive Council of NASI and INSA. He was the chief Editor of the Proceedings of Indian National Science Academy for over 6 years when he transformed the journal and brought international recognition. He was Chairman of the INSA National committee for Cooperation with IUBS for a term. He was a Sir JC Bose National Fellow (DST) during 2014-2016 at South Asian University, New Delhi. He was Jawaharlal Nehru Chair Professor during 2017-18 at the University of Hyderabad. He was a Member of SERB. He is presently on the Advisory Board of the Inter-University Centre for Teacher Education at Banaras Hindu University and a visiting Professor to Annamalai, Madras and Hyderabad Universities. He was a member of the committee appointed by Karnataka Government to suggest ways for revamping scince education in Karnatak. A policy paper to that effect has been submitted