Mr Pablo De Castro


Technical Secretary Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Pablo de Castro works as Open Access Advocacy Librarian at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He is a physicist and an expert in Open Access and research information workflows and management systems. Since 2018 Pablo also serves as Secretary for the euroCRIS association to promote collaboration across the research information management community.

Research Information Management and Open Science


The paper describes the rapid arising of a national-level research information management infrastructure (RIM) in India as a case study for a bottom-up Current Research Information System (CRIS) implementation strategy. Less than a year and a half after its first launch, the Indian Research Information Network System (IRINS) has become a widespread institutional RIM asset with over 180 instances at Indian research-performing organisations. As a result, India is currently leading the classification by number of CRIS per country in the euroCRIS Directory of Research Information Systems (DRIS), followed by Norway and the United Kingdom. As a background to the case study, the broad international CRIS context is also analysed. The causes for the quick rise of such systems are examined, together with their national-level implementation models in various countries and the differences between CRIS and expert finder systems.